Facebook is giving away their secret 360 video camera design

unveiled its new design for an open source -degree video camera.  It looks a bit menacing with 17 camera lenses, rather like something that flies around like a spy-drone in many a sci fi movie, but I digress.  The move is regarded as a industry wide push for content and content.

We’re a big fan of open source here at Doco360 and we can’t wait until Facebook releases the design this summer on Github.  Of course, it’ll cost a bit to DIY, around $30,000 for off the shelf parts.

The company calls this new device the Facebook Surround360, and this summer, it will give away both the camera’s hardware designs and the complex software that weaves the camera’s myriad images into one complete three-dimensional landscape. Yes, it will give them away—for free.

Curated from Facebook Built a 360-Degree Video Camera. Oh, and the Design Is Yours for Free | WIRED

Thanks Facebook. No. Really. Thank you.

And we though IKEA directions were hard to follow… 


Posted on April 13, 2016 in Blog, Blogroll

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